The easiest fire to put out is the one you prevent!

Have you tested your smoke alarms lately?

Try to get in the habit of changing the batteries in your smoke detectors every time you change your clocks. Today's batteries typically last longer, but be sure to change them anyways, because this small expense could save your life.

Smoke Detectors Work?

Do you know your way out?

The annual open house serves the one purpose of allowing children and the other citizens of the community to see what David City Volunteer Fire Department does. The department not only let's you see the equipment used to put out fires, but also teaches you safety and prevention skills, so the fire never starts.

Do you know where to go incase of a fire? It is always important to know how to get out of your house when there is a fire. A fire can start in any room, so make sure that you practice escaping each room. Once you escape your house safely, have a designated spot where you and your family can meet. This is very important, because your family and firefighters need to know that you made it out safely.


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